Computer Game – Swaty

3D computer turn-based game with the topic of police forces


Based on the supplied documents, it was necessary to develop a 3D computer turn-based game with the topic of police forces. The characters in the game had to adequately react to different situations. The task of the police forces was to go through the level by gradually opening the doors using different tools. It should have been possible to arrest civilians and armed suspects.


The game runs on the Unity3D engine. Animation technique compatible with the Macanim system were used; the characters contain a physical ragdoll model. The scenes were illuminated using the modern and realistic raytracing-based system. The development included the solution of statistics on individual actions and activities of the strike-force team, including its members. These affected the experience and parameters of individual members of the strike-force. The game was completely prepared for publishing on the PC Steam platform.


The game has a modern and high-quality audio-visual look. The product contains more complex turn mechanics, based on the classic system of action points and their management. The player can approach given situations in different ways. The characters of the police forces, armed suspects and civilians have their own AI and morale. The AI allows the game characters to react to audio and visual stimuli. The incorporated ballistic system, based on the calculation of the bullets’ trajectory and their deviation, also allows to hit the surrounding objects and characters. The game was published on the Steam platform.