We have extensive experience with the development, integration and final implementation of products.

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We offer the following in the development area

  • Implementation of real estate, auction and comparison portals.
  • Micro-service architecture, implementation of cloud services from various providers
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery is a given
  • Enterprise/B2B systems, which we process from the analysis, through integration, up to final implementation. Preparation and design of production application environments. Turnkey solutions, where the customer received the output in the form of a medium, he/she can directly implement, e.g., on Amazon Cloud, etc.
  • Development of effective frameworks based on the clients’ needs.

All outputs that we offer are implemented in the newest, but also already tested technologies in the IT business. You can rely on their effectiveness and quality.

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Other services

application programming and design
application consulting and problem analysis
3D / CGI
Virtual Reality