Development of a Mobile Application

An American startup that introduces innovations and telemedicine to the world of pet care.


The customer came with an idea how to help pet owners find veterinary assistance. The task was to create a functional prototype of the application, which, if necessary, could look up and connect the user with a veterinary specialist and thus facilitate online consultation of the issue.


In cooperation with the PLATFORM and SCR Technologies companies, we have developed an ecosystem for online consultations of pet owner with a veterinarian.

Registration, searching, communications channels and subsequent payments for services were implemented on the server-side thanks to a grouping of microservices. These Internet services were integrated with various third-party services, such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, Twilio, Google Maps and Stripe. The internal communication between the services was ensured through tools, such as RabbitMQ and ElasticSearch, whereby the whole solution was implemented in the AWS cloud environment with high availability.

On the client-side, a mobile application was developed using the Ionic and Cordova frameworks for Android and iOS target platforms. In order to meet the high functional requirements, it was necessary to create also a native part of the mobile application separately for Android and for iOS. Both applications were available in the corresponding stores – Google Play and App Store, upon handover to the client.
After completion and testing, the functional prototype of the application was handed over to the management of the foreign company.


The customer received a functional prototype of the solution for his idea, whereby already at the time of handover of the solution, mobile applications were available to ordinary users.