Educational platform – EduQ

A new concept of education based on the DaCoSiDe methodology.


The aim of the project is to bring the education of a new generation to Slovakia. Our task was to transform this concept of education into a digital form and create a system that would provide tools for the creation of study materials and the implementation of teaching using them. An important part of the project is also standardized testing of pupils and reporting of their results.


In cooperation with the CNC company, based on the customer's requirements, we created a design and subsequently implemented a solution.

The solution consists of several independently deployable units. The main part consists of an Angular client-side application communicating through a contract defined using OpenAPI with a Spring Boot server-side application. In addition to the main functional parts of the solution, several other tools and self-deployable applications such as Identity and Access Management, Chat and others were used or custom-developed.

The solution is deployed and managed using the Docker Swarm platform on several separate environments and was developed using tools such as Locust and Cypress, among others.

The application provides functions for the creation and management of study materials according to the prescribed structure, records of customers and their products, and especially tools for teaching study materials and testing the achieved level of mastery of individual areas.


Thanks to the agile development method, we deployed the first part of the application to the production environment for the customer after less than two months of work on the project. In the course of the next year, several dozen editions followed, in which, for example, it was possible to successfully verify the knowledge and skills of selected primary and secondary school students as part of pilot testing.