Registry of records of guaranteed conversion

Portal for managing electronic records of guaranteed conversion


The customer requested the creation of a portal for the management of electronic records of guaranteed conversion, where users can get an overview of the history of performed conversions, the possibility to view the details of the record of guaranteed conversion, generate registration numbers for the execution of the conversion and the execution of the guaranteed conversion itself.


We have developed a web application enabling the aforementioned operations with electronic records of guaranteed conversion. The server side part of the application was implemented using microservices built on Spring Cloud technology. Communication with the client side part of the application as well as communication between the internal modules of the application was implemented using the REST protocol using the OpenAPI tool for the definition of interfaces. MariaDB relational database was used for data storage. System user management was solved using Keycloak. During the implementation of the server part of the application, we integrated internal services with state administration services using the SOAP protocol. The client side part of the application is built on Angular technology using IDSK standards. As for the infrastructure, individual components of the application were deployed as Docker containers using Ansible scripts.

The solution also includes tools such as Eureka (service registry), Zuul (application gateway), Prometheus (metrics and monitoring) and Grafana (visualization of metrics and monitoring).


Our application was deployed in the government cloud environment and has been in operation since March 2020.