Social security system

System for social security management of professional soldiers of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic.



Information systems need to be constantly modernized even in the state administration. As part of the project, it was necessary to map in detail the current requirements for the social security administration of professional soldiers. Many laws and legislative changes, integrations with other state organizations or the acuteness of software modernization were only part of the presented challenge.


In cooperation with the companies TransTEQ and DXC Technology, after collecting the customer's requirements, we prepared a detailed design of the architecture, technical infrastructure and solutions for functional parts.

For ease of administration, the solution was designed as a single deployable unit, which included a Spring Boot server-side application and an Angular client-side application. Data within the extensive data model stored in the relational database were synchronized to multiple storage units in case of failure of one of them.

Functionally, the system covers records, audits, generation of documents and reports in various formats, calculations, complex and long-lasting processes and integrations with various third parties.


After less than a year from the collection of requirements through the preparation of the solution proposal and its implementation, we handed over the new social security administration system to productive operation, to which we continue to provide active support.